Historical tour through Klein Glienicke!

Dear Guests of Klein-Glienicke

We would like to welcome you to this self-guided historical rally through the former GDR exclave Klein Glienicke!

Go on a hunt for clues – through the time of the Prussian kings, National Socialism and the German Democratic Republic (GDR)! History is still very much present in Klein Glienicke! With this self-guided tour, we would like to open your eyes to the relics of the past, the beautiful and sad times, the courageous inhabitants of this very special place – and those who were forced to leave Klein Glienicke!

The rally starts at Wartmanns Café (on the other side of the bridge near point 1 on the map). When you return to Wartmanns Café, take some time to think about the traces of the past and the history of the people in the village!

The philosopher George Santayana wrote: „Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it“

Your citizen association (Bürgerverein) of Klein Glienicke

You will need the following documents for the rally

  1. Map of the tour with stations and the corresponding 17 questions.
  2. Information and documents for the track search (background information and hints for solving the questions of the rally stations 1,5,6,12,13,14 and 16. All other questions can be solved on site and with good observation)
  3. Questions_Answers (here you will find the solutions to the 17 questions of the Klein Glienicke Ralley) Try to resist the temptation to look at the solutions before the start of the rally 😊)

Now open the rally questions and follow the 17 rally points through Klein Glienicke using the questionnaire and the map! You should be able to answer all questions without the help of Google! Please follow the instructions attached to the rally questions. The rally ends where it started, at Wartmann’s Café!

Have fun !